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Keeping You in Sight

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Optical Shop

Once you’ve had a comprehensive eye examination, and your doctor has decided which correcting prescription you need, we’d like to ask you to visit our optical shop. For your convenience, it is located in the front of our office, adjacent to our waiting areas. Our professional opticians can be a valuable resource to you in selecting your eyewear, and making certain that your new glasses or contact lenses fit you properly and comfortably correct your vision problems.

Our opticians offer a wide variety of frames for your selection. If you are concerned with the latest fashion in eyewear, we can help! If you are on a tight budget, we can help with that too! Our frames are available in a wide range of prices and styles. Whatever your need for eyeglasses, we hope that you will give us the opportunity to assist you.

One of the most critical components of your new glasses are the lenses which are ground to your exact prescription and designed for a comfortable fit for your facial structure. We offer many lens options from which you can choose. From single vision (simple prescription) to bifocals (two prescriptions) and beyond, there are new lightweight lens materials to make your glasses just right for you!

There are many other options, too. Do you want thin, lightweight lenses (high index)? We can help with that! Do you want progressive lenses (bifocals that do not have a visible line)? We can help with those! Do you want special scratch resistant coatings? We can help with that! Do you want ultraviolet protection? We can help with that, too! What about neck pain and eye strain from working on computers all day long? We can help with special computer glasses to increase your comfort during your working hours!

Ask us about Trivex™ high performance lens material for your new lenses! This material adds impact resistance and strength to your lenses and is ultra-light weight and thin to give you a good looking lens within your frame choice. This is an excellent material for the newest look in rimless, drill mounted lenses; and is also an excellent safety choice for children’s glasses.

Additionally, our opticians can assist you with finding fashionable prescription sunglasses, sports glasses or goggles, and even safety glasses for your work. Whatever your eyeglass needs, our opticians will provide you with helpful, friendly, and professional assistance.

Contact Lenses

Many of our patients enjoy wearing contact lenses to correct their vision. Our opticians can assist you with fitting and caring for your contact lenses. It is very important that you learn to take the best care of your contact lenses and your eyes because improperly using contact lenses can cause very serious eye problems.

We have all the major lenses available through our optical shop. Stop in, and ask our opticians about meeting your contact lens needs.