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A pterygium is an over growth of tissue which encroaches upon the cornea. This is an abnormal process that is thought to be caused by excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays or from long-term irritations to dry, dusty environments. Besides the burning, itching, redness, and tearing, people who are affected by this development are unhappy with the cosmetic appearance of the eye.

Early treatment for a pterygium includes eye drops and ointments to help reduce the inflammation. When the growth impairs vision, surgical removal may be necessary. However, even with proper technique, the fleshy growth may return. Avoiding dry, dirty environments and shielding the eyes from UV rays with sunglasses and brimmed hats are effective ways to prevent pterygia from growing.

For more detailed information on Pterygium, please see the section on our website titled Cornea & Corneal Disease.

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